My Sonett III 1973

Red little lady....

Born in Arlöv Sweden - exported to the US - imported back to Sweden 1989.

The owner before me made a great job to get the car in perfect condition. Thanks Torsten and Johan!

Grinding and welding

Hard work is done!
After hard work -The rust is gone!

Left front suspension
Left front suspension



Some of my Scanian Sonettfriends


More pictures
My Sonett friends
The first six Sonetts - and two replicas!

Memories from the Sonett production in Arlöv (in Swedish)

New Ronal wheels for my Sonett
Saab Sport & Rally steeringwheel for my Sonett
Liten bakre nummerskylt på Sonett III
The old Sonett testroad in Arlöv

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